Valve marking, packing, storage and transportation

Jul. 28, 2020

1. Valve marks and identification paint shall refer to JB106-59 standard.

2. The surface of the product without paint or without rust protection layer must be coated with rust protection agent, the inner cavity must be coated with rust protection paint.

3. During transportation and storage, Valve body shall be fitted with protective cover

The packaging of each product should be free from damage during transportation and storage.

4. Valves with DN≦ 80mm should be packed in 36cm*24cm*22cm carton box and sent. The number of cartons ≧ 18 should be put on a tray before shipping.

5. The same batch of valve products shall be attached with packing list, product qualification certificate and product operation manual, the specific contents of which are as follows:

Product certificate

(1) Product name, model and specification.

(2) Nominal pressure, maximum working temperature and applicable medium.

(3) Standards and inspection conclusions.

(4) Inspection date.

The packing list

(1) Product name and nominal size.

(2) Quantity of products per box.

(3) Gross weight (kg) per case.

Product instruction

(1) Product performance and structure.

(2) Use of valve.

(3) Method of application.

(4) Maintenance and storage.